The Oy Vay School of Buddhism: A Comparison of Jewish and Buddhist Mysticism

An excellent essay by a great teacher of Breslov mysticism and Jewish ethics, R’ Sears:

A Hint of Levinas in R’Nachman of Breslov (hamayvin yavin)?

” ‘Every person must say, The whole world was created for me (b‘ shvili nivra ha’olam– Sanhedrin 37a).’

If the world was created for me, it is therefore my constant obligation to examine and consider what is needed to repair the world and provide everyone’s needs, and to pray for them.”

Likutey Moharan 1,5

Two Interesting New Posts from R’ David Sears

from the Breslov Center blog:

on converts in the Breslov community:

and on the yartzheit of the great Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan which just passed:

Perek Shira

“A person who recites Perek Shira and is able to have in mind all of the creatures alluded to in it and recites those songs causes divine effulgence to rest upon all of those created beings.”

-The Arizal (Rabbi Isaac Luria, 1534-1572)

(Kovez B’Kabalat Ha Ari, quoted in Zvi Mark, Mysticism and Madness: The Religious Thought of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav)

In Hebrew and English:

Chayei Nefesh

An interesting defense, and history of, the practice of holding close to the tzadikkim (hiskashrus hatzaddikim). Written by Rav Gedaliah Kenig, z”l, a major 20th century Breslov teacher.