A Story About Healing From Yitzhak Buxbaum:

You Too Can Heal

The Shpoler Zeyde had a servant named Chelovno who told this story:

There once entered the Rebbe’s room a man with a terrible skin disease that covered him from head to foot, who gave the Rebbe a petition-note. He stayed with the Rebbe for a while and when he left, Chelovno said he saw that the man was normal, without a trace of the skin disease!

After this, Chelovno brought a cup of coffee in for the Rebbe and was astonished to see that the Rebbe’s whole body was covered with the skin disease!”What happened here?’ yelled Chelovno, “Why did the Rebbe do this?”

But the Rebbe did not respond.

Later, Chelovno went in again and saw that the disease had completely disappeared from the Rebbe’s body, and asked the Rebbe to tell him what this was all about.

The Rebbe said, “When that man first came to me, I didn’t have any way to cure him. So I had to take the disease on myself; and he was healed. Afterward, I pleaded before God, blessed be He, ‘What have I done that I should be afflicted with this skin disease?’ Then, they healed me too!”

MiBe’er HaTzaddikim, vol. 2, p. 45

The Rebbe of Sokachav said: “Everyone is able to perform healing miracles for others, provided that the other person’s trouble touches his heart, on the level of  ‘In all their affliction, was He afflicted.’ And he added, ‘It’s not an easy thing to do!'” Abirei HaRo’im, p. 337

-Yitzhak Buxbaum is a talmid of R’ Shlomo Carlebach. For his “Daily Maggid”: (http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=nqsvr8cab&v=001vd12ggE3Xa5MGnbwPunA2kULP4KGhSXHKSgfks9hYi-GcalBoHPNnR2LiN1zoTE0OcIugc3PGAt_hyC-0tf81vt5MwNbePdlmwmMhOYDYlJhDTQEN7kc0A%3D%3D)

Author: Matthew Zachary Gindin

Freelance journalist and teacher. I write regularly for the Forward, All That In Interesting, and the Jewish Independent, and have been published in Religion Dispatches, Situate Magazine, Elephant Journal, and elsewhere.

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