When You Next See Sunrise and Sunset

From today's Daf (Shabbat 118b)

אמר רבי יוסי יהי חלקי ממתפללים עם דמדןמי חמה

Rabbi Yose said, “May my lot be with those who pray with the redness of the sun (the dawn).”

Bava Batra 84a:

הא קא סמקא צפרא ופניא בצפרא דחלפא

אבי וורדי דגן עדן בפניא דחלפא אפתחא דגיהנם ואיכא דאמכי איפכא

“It is red at sunrise because the sun passes by the roses of Gan Eden and is coloured by them, and at sunrise because the sun passes by the gate of Gehinnom (and is coloured by the flames).”

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R’ Shalom Arush on Shalom Bayit (Peace in the Home)

“The entire ge'ula, or full redemption of our people, depends on peace in the home. A peaceful home is a worthy sanctuary for the Shechina, or Divine Presence. The more the Divine Presence fill the world, the closer we get to the ge'ula.Therefore, every family that builds a peaceful home hastens the ge'ula. Our sages say that peace is the best vessel there is for all kinds of blessings. By enhancing the peace in one's home, one merits every imaginable blessing. For that reason, it's work making every effort to make our homes peaceful.”

– R' Shalom Arush, The Garden of Peace

Yossi Katz on The Parsha (from Breslov.org)

All’s Right in the End

I like this drash, and also find it interesteing because of R' Yaakov Breiter's comment quoted at the end. Alot is made in some circles of the Ishbitzer's controversial perspective on free will, but this seems to take the same view.