A Story of R’ Eliezer Berland, shlita, and a Video


Reb Aryae Cooper tells a story towards the end of his excellent book, “Holy Beggars”, of a meeting he had a decade or so ago with R' Eliezer Berland, the great Breslov hasid and teacher. Reb Aryae's friend Reb Ephraim took him to see the Rav. When they arrived the Rebbetzin took them in to the Rav's room, where he sat totally absorbed in a large book. Reb Aryae wandered which Rebbe he was studying, or perhaps the Zohar HaKodesh……when he got close he found the Rav studying a large photo of the Earth from space. See above video……

Author: Matthew Zachary Gindin

Freelance journalist and teacher. I write regularly for the Forward, All That In Interesting, and the Jewish Independent, and have been published in Religion Dispatches, Situate Magazine, Elephant Journal, and elsewhere.

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